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Good morning,

Today I have to wake up extra earlier on this quiet Saturday morning, to work.

I went home very late last night also, from work.

While most of people still in their Lala-land, I have to drag my feet, to work.

If only I can do better thing such as dreaming or resting after whole week been drained, from work.

“Would you like Coffee or Tea?”

“I’d like to sleep no sugar, thank you”

Have you been in this kind of situation before? Dragging our half-asleep body out from our bed?

Any magic trick or formula to keep yourself motivated or energized before going to work?

I would like to hear any of those… quickly, before I fall asleep…

by flyingbeagle

Good morning lovely people :)

After so much fun with Chinese New Year Celebration, it is time to return to the reality of life, which most of the the time we spend on…¬†working.

Just to think about it makes us feel tired. Can anyone explain why?

But no matter what, life goes on. We all need to work. Work to earn a living in form of monetary value.

The money which we going to spend for our dream, hope and our loved one.


Why are you still daydreaming? Get ready for work :D

by flyingbeagle

Working day in day out everyday can become monotonous. Especially if we are working for someone else.

Yet we need to work because we are human.

No matter how rich and financially independent we are, there always a certain degree of work that have to be done.

Just look at this Carpenter Bee…

Even thought the flower looks unattractive, this bee is still make an effort to visit and work for the nectar.

I have to wait for almost 15 secs for this bee to popped up again, must be a lot of goodness inside there! :)

3 steps Carpenter Bee

Well, just like the bee, there is always a certain degree of satisfaction in the end of the day.

Can get no satisfaction? Just look for another garden tomorrow :)

by flyingbeagle