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It’s time to have fun again, and that’s mean…
We are back to Marriott Phuket! :D
There are plenty of activities that can be done in the resort.
One of the activities is Water Zorbing!

Here is how it looks like…

First, the person enter this huge transparent plastic ball while air being pumped inside till it formed full solid sphere.

Then the sphere with the person inside slowly pushed to the swimming pool.

This is where the fun begin!

Balancing the position inside the Zorb Ball can be quite tricky, especially when it placed on the water surface.

So many of them fell head over heels trying. The key to maintain the posture is to spread your legs and arms wide while moving inside the ball (Water Zorbing).

As you can see, this game is not only for kids but can fit adult as well.

Looks like being adult has its advantage. They learnt faster and able to spread wider to maintain their balance.

These are the correct posture inside the Zorb ball.

At first I was tempted to try this as well, here are five top reason I am have not tried it:

  1. I was alone.
  2. I was with my monstrous camera (70-200mm f2.8 lens mind you). Leaving it unguarded would be unwise.
  3. That made me the only photographer capable to capture this moment.
  4. I can’t get rid the though of  how much similarity I will be inside the sphere compared to some rodent family inside the pet shop. (Ratty, this might be the answer for your water phobia :P)
  5. I love you guys too much to missed a chance of sharing this awesome Zorb ball game. Would you agree with me? Please? :)

by flyingbeagle

Dragon boat is an excellent sport which strongly promotes the important life values.

Lately I saw plenty of teens are practicing dragon boat to train for the Dragon Boat Championship.

Singapore is one of the few countries where almost all the people loves to exercise and enjoy outdoor activities.

Teamwork, discipline, physical fitness and mental toughness are needed in order to excel in this water sport.

I hope you are also enjoying any exciting activities during this weekend!

by flyingbeagle

After released all our negative energy during the trip by jumping from the jetty over and over again,

we decided to plan for our activities tomorrow, let see what they have here…

Red Kayak on the blue sea

Kayaking looks fun, but the thought of being baked under the hot sun for hours is painful.

Well well, what we have here.. a very unique Diving Hut. Check out the interesting red banner written by the local diving guru.

Whether what is written there is true or not, you decide :)

Diving Hut

We move on to other area, and finally decided to sign up for snorkelling trip.

The package cost us RM40/per person, includes rental of mask, breathing tube, fins, safety jacket and we will be visiting 7 different locations from 10am to 4pm tomorrow. Very good value.

The locations are (forgive me if  I’m not accurate)

1. Coral Garden

2. Turtle Bay

3. Barracuda spot

4. Shark point

5. Turtle nest

6. ( I forgot, will fill in when i remembered)

7.  Romantic Beach

Snorkelling Hut

After set up the activities for tomorrow and had our lunch, we just want to rest and relax at the Long beach.

By the way, most of the food there are basically sucks. Please order a very safe one in term of taste.

Food like eggs and toast, oatmeal can’t go wrong. Fried rice should be safe right? Wrong. It tasted terrible, the meat rubbery and overall tasteless.

And at Matahari chalet, it took them two and half hours just to serve us fried rice and such..

You have been warned :)

I feel very sleepy after lunch, soon after we reached the beach, we just spread our towel and lay down…

(To be continued…)

by flyingbeagle