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Whitstable in Kent is a seaside town along the south eastern coast of England. It’s the perfect place for a weekend getaway with a beautiful beach to walk along, fresh air and delicious seafood. I simply love the colourful beach huts on Tankerton Slope! How I wish I could own one of them, to be able to sit in the hut with a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool sea breeze and the wonderful view!

by sylviaspy

In the UK, whilst walking into the woods in late April to early May, one would be faced with an amazing sight!!! It’s the season of the bluebells!!! I’ve missed them in the past as they are at their best for only around 3 weeks hence this year, I had to make sure that I’m in the woods at the right time and luckily enough, I was!!! It simply feels like I was being transported into another world, an enchanted forest of sorts. :D

by sylviaspy

After a filling dinner of the most amazing Hungarian Goulash at a local pub and a good night’s rest, we were now ready for another day of hiking!!! We were so looking forward to another day of awesome views!!!

Today we planned to hike up an easier fell, Walla Crag that stands at a height of 1243 feet (379m). It’s considered easier as it wasn’t as steep as Catbells and the use of hands were not required during the hike. In fact, it seems super easy after experiencing Catbells! The views however were just as magnificent and it took only an hour or so to get to the top without having to rest too much!!!

Midway up Walla Crag

View from the top of Walla Crag

We enjoyed the wonderful view of God’s creation for a bit before making our way down. On the way down, we came across a waterfall and of course I had to take the chance to practice the long exposure technique again. I think these came out better than the ones I took of Virginia Waters in one of my previous posts.

Waterfall 1

Waterfall 2

Waterfall 3

A little further lies Ashness Bridge that’s suppose to be one of the most photographed places in the lake district and is suppose to be a really pretty sight in autumn.

Ashness Bridge

While making our way back to Keswick town, walking along the coastline of Derwent Waters, we came across some fungus that was growing on one of the logs. I’m not too sure what kind these are though. Anyone has any idea??


Sad to say my Lake District weekend has come to an end as I would have loved to stay a few more days to enjoy more hiking around the area. I’m definitely coming back……in the near future I hope…………