Tag: traffic jam

by flyingbeagle


I work from Monday to Saturday (yes! there’s people that actually have to get up in a lazy Saturday morning for work –> that’s me). I woke up around 5 – 5.30 am, departed at 6.15am, took almost 2 hours on the road to get to the office.

With some luck, no traffic jam, I could get there in one and a half hour by bus or 1 hour with the car

(you won’t believe Jakarta’ traffic jam! you could stuck for 3 hours traffic jam while it still at 7am in the morning!!).

Anyway, I’m the kind of person that almost never miss breakfast, went to bed early, enjoy waking up in the early morning, taking a lot of deep breathe of the morning air, watching the sky from dark blue to blue light then orange yellow, but what I really love is.. waking up on the cloudy morning and I am at my best in the morning, mostly :)

Are you a morning  person or a night owl?