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At Melaka, we passed by this beautiful Chinese building.

Notice that they draw two huge Deities picture to protect the gate.

The Deities drawn here are famous heroes from Three Kingdom era, Zhang Fei (left) and Guan Yu (right).

These two Generals are sworn brothers of Shu ruler, Liu Bei. Their expertise in battlefield are legendary.

The details of this painting is brilliant.

The scary part is, do you noticed that the eyes of the guardians following you wherever you are? :)

by flyingbeagle

I love Flea Market. There are so many things forgotten but still very interesting to behold.

From old watches, toys, collectibles, stamps, charcoal irons (yes!), ancient coins, and many more!

They even sell antique bicycles in still a very good condition!

by krizzcross

Chance upon this young touristĀ disregarding the surrounding by dancing and enjoying himself.

His courage to merge with the in-line dancers have caught many eyes, including mine….

He trying hard to follow the rhythm and steps of the crowd. Through his unsuccessful attempts, his determination carried him on till the very last song.

At times I do wish to possess such joy, courage and determination of him.

Attempting another suave move..

Will you let down your hair to pursue the moment of life like him or just a spectator?

By Krizzcross