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It’s the wintery season in England and i’m sure you’ve heard of the havoc caused by the snow in the UK, US and Europe. However, there’s definitely a prettier side to it all. It’s always enjoyable to be able to get away from all the chaos and take some time, if you can, to appreciate the relaxing feeling that comes with the beauty that nature brings….

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Goooooood Morning Lovely People !!!

Yes, you are right! It’s 1 January 2010!

Year 2009 has passed gloriously. Today is a special day. So we want to recap Ten of VanillaSeven’s most popular post!

Ready? Here we go!

Number 10

Our newest member, ingimg made a debut to VanillaSeven Hall of Fame!

Good Ol’ Times

Number 9

Slowly but consistent, v1olet are gaining popularity with her amazing tour photos!

Send Me To Korea (3) : Nami Island

Number 8

Our member moxeous made it to rank 8! Congratulations!

Rice Field

Number 7

Wow! It’s just happened to fall on our favorite number! This is great! :)

VanillaSeven First Blogoversary

Number 6

Our friend krizzcross showcases range of award-winning shots!

Shots of The Moment…

Number 5

Mr Obana never lose his touch in every shot.

Phnom Penh Railway Station

Number 4

Again krizzcross show us how nature and us can co-exist.

Nature n Us

Number 3

flyingbeagle sailed to number 3 with a thoughtful brilliant concept.

Light of the World

Number 2

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Ms. Spy with her range of amazing photos fresh from UK sits on runner-up position!

Number 1

Yes! Number One Hits of VanillaSeven 2009 is…

Canon PhotoMarathon Results

Thank you for all loyal readers that make these things happened!

award winning sunflower

Remember my sunflower picture that once won the Kate Day’s Telegraph Photo Competition??


I’ve now the opportunity to get it included in the Telegraphy Charity Calender if I gather enough votes!! :D

It’ll be simply awesome to see my picture in there and to do my part for charity!!

Please vote for me (Sylvia Sim) at the following if you think this picture should go in the calender. :D


Thanks in advance for the vote!! :D