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Every morning I workout, and I knew it.

by flyingbeagle

Good morning lovely people! :)

I took this photo at Labrador Park, Alexandra area, in Singapore.

The skies turning dark quickly as I managed to capture this moment with that lonely bird on the branch.

What are you thinking if you are that bird on the branch? :)

Taken by Nikon D90, Sigma lens 70-200mm f/2.8. ISO setting 100, Speed 1/25,  f/13.0 and focal length 145mm.

by flyingbeagle

I was blessed and now a fan of one of the nicest sunset in Philippines. Not only in Manila Bay you can find it. I travelled 2 hours to reach Malaya, Rizal to witness it myself. Thank God coz I only had a day to take the shot. And I don’t believe until I see it for myself.

Reflections. A time to think.

The magnificent and breathtaking sunset in undiscovered Malaya, Rizal

A young fisherman of Malaya. Waiting for his ride.

What a serenity. A scene right after sunset.

by Alex Obana