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I was working from NYE till 2 Jan 2012. This is the reason I am late to wished you all a very happy New Year 2012!

It is a honoured to be selected as the official photographer for MACY GRAY exclusive performance at Capella Sentosa, Singapore.

MACY GRAY was made famous by her hit single “I Try” which became hit and sold 7 -million copies around the world.

She sold more than 15 millions album “On How Life Is” and nominated for 5 Grammy Awards and 6 MTV Video Music Awards.

Personally I love her dark rough voice, reminded me of those famous female singer in the 70’s.

More photos to come. I need sleep, plenty of sleep…

by flyingebeagle

Good morning lovely people! Yes, YOU! :)

I believe you all had a great weekend and looking forward for holiday as Christmas is getting closer!

Here is my second round result of photo taking with our model, Karen.

She changed her outfit to give different looks and style.

The first photo, I adjusted the white balance of the photo to more cyan to give cool and windy feeling into it, while slightly over exposed her to wash out the background.

Karen 05low

The second photo, taking advantage of the wooden plank texture, I shoot this in black and white.

Karen natural style of playfulness is taken to a new direction here, she just leaning on the wall while playing with her locks which is just a perfect pose for me to take. At first I want to use sepia approach to this, but after observation, black and white with high contrast is more suitable to this picture.

Additional treatment was given to the photo, notice the black contrast outline to make the photo feel grungy and modern urban feels.

Karen 06edgelow

Let me know what you guys think about these two photos. Again, constructive feedback and comment are greatly appreciated!

by flyingbeagle

Model Photography, finally I got to experienced it.

Yes, this is my first time taking a model as the object as my photo.

A humble step into infinite possibilities.

Karen 03low

This cheerful and bubbly lady that kindly volunteered for us did an excellent job.

She wear a bright summery orange dress than matched perfectly with the ocean and sky blue at the background.

Karen 02low

Our session not without challenges. Unpredictable winds, cloudy skies that sometimes blocked the sunshine. But overall, it was an successful event.

Karen 04low

For this photo, we asked her not to smile for awhile which surprisingly quite a challenge for her, but yet she managed to pulled it.

Well, please let me know your honest opinion about this session. Constructive opinion, tips & trick are very welcome here!

by flyingbeagle