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Good Morning Guys!

Thank God we passed Monday! :D

Sometimes to passed certain day is an achievement itself. Do you think so?

Well, today we going to revisited Punggol Beach!

Our dear friend Obana has visited this beautiful place on our last trip.

Let see if my pictures can surpassed his :P

Punggol Jetty pillars covered with corals.

The beach view before dark. Silky waves gently wipes the shore.

Evening time, HDR Time! From here we can see the busy port of Malaysia. Must be a busy night there.

A bit tweak on the white balance turned this quiet beach into intoxicating sea of golden champagne!

Which one you preferred guys? :)

by flyingbeagle

Batam shores are not well-known as a place for tourist attraction.

Yet the beauty revealed for those who diligently seek…

This photo was taken very early in the morning when I strolled at the deserted beach.


Tried to sit down to enjoy the morning and be dramatic on this plastic bench, before it gave away.

Oh well, time to exercise and lose some weight…

These photo was taken when I was strolling at Punggol beach, Singapore.

Punggol Beach 1

The picture was taken during sunset, when the sun about to sink and the offshore platform started to lit.

Punggol Beach 2

These photos was adjusted in HDR. Enjoy your weekend.

by Alex Obana