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Sometime in life, we seems to face a dead end.

No way out. No matter how hard we push ourselves, the door just won’t open.

If only we take a moment to rest and observe where we are now.

Just like in every dark cloud there is a silver lining,

In every sealed hatch, they are silver bolts.

No door that can’t be opened.

No problem that can’t be solved.

by flyingbeagle

Honestly I am ran out of words for this photo :D

I only can say that, beauty lies everywhere if we got time to paused and admired them.

Oh, oh! Yeah yeah, I hear you! The answer for previous game, yes? :)

That mysterious guy was using his LEFT EYE to see through viewfinder!

Most of the photographer that I know are RIGHT EYE user, that’s include me.

Right eye user allow them to see on actual view using their left.

Left eye user got handicapped since their only vision is through viewfinder since their right is blocked by the camera body.

That’s by theory. On field, my friend still be able to produced stunning photos with his dominant left eye.

Congrats to Bing and JuneZach for guessing correctly! You both are very observant! :)

Should I make a harder game next time? :P

by flyingbeagle