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If dragons still exist today, they will more or less look like this, without wings and fat belly.

by flyingbeagle

After a gruesome battle (or I should say escape) with the Crocodile, I finally stand victorious.

The VanillaSeven signboard that I brought everywhere I go, once again saved my life.

I threw the sign blindly when the Crocodile was about to snapped me into two.

As the Crocs bitten the signboard, it suddenly feel relaxed, comfortable and it even smiling…

Yes, the same effect VanillaSeven gives you everyday.

Relax, comfortable and even with a smile :)

Now, since the Crocs are subdued, we can watch it closer.

Let’s see how sharp your eyes are, shall we?

There are many small fishes around that smiley sleepy Crocodiles.

How many of them total in the picture? I will give the correct answer tomorrow! :D

(Please click the picture to enlarge)

by flyingbeagle

Hahaha! Yesterday warning sign is just to scare naughty kids away.

Where got Crocodile here beside at Singapore Zoo?

Those Crocodiles will die of hunger if they don’t work, not to mentioned the ridiculous price of HDB and ‘adjusted’ public transport fare…

La la la…. oops! The rain started to poured! I better look for a shelter.

Ah.. I better take a shortcut through a small pond here. There are rocks to step onto…

Wait a sec…  I always feel like, somebody’s watching me.. or something..

Whoa-oa-oa.. tell me is it just a dream…

Whah!!! Its Crocs!  run..!!!  Swim..!!!  RUN!!!!

(to be continued…)

by flyingbeagle