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During my last photo shoot trip, it’s been raining cats and dogs.

Not that huge pouring-from-the-bucket like rain. Just a drizzle, a persistent one.

These photo was taken in between the “drizzle break.”

I guessed something good will revealed when one diligently seek it.

Now, hopefully the rain stop long enough for me to shoot more. By the way, where is my model…

(to be continued…)

by flyingbeagle

I love the smell of the air before it comes and if I could, I want to keep the breeze too before it comes and freeze the sky before it comes.
And when it comes.. sometimes I wanna to be inside it, let all of my worries and troubles pour down and disappear with it. When it comes.. I also want play with it, laughing, jumping, humming and dancing under it.

When it stops, when it left, everything feels so clean and refresh. I don’t want to be romantic, but I can’t help to just love it :)

I live in a country which only has 2 seasons. Between dry and monsoonal wet, the last one is my favorite season, especially the cloudy weather that comes before the rain. And if I have the chance to live in 4 seasons country, then.. I’m pretty sure that I’ll fall in love with the autumn :)

Tell me now, what’s your favorite season?

It’s Monday again, rainy Monday…

For my 4 seasons friends, hope you guys experience Spring at it’s best! :)


by flyingbeagle