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Lady: “Pigeon, come back here.. got a stranger looking at us.”

Pigeon: “Yes mam.”

Taken at Little India, Singapore.

by flyingbeagle

Had a chat with the B&B owner and realized we were blessed with quite good weather as they had a torrential downpour the day before which made a hike up even an easy Fell (this refers to hill in certain parts of England and the Scandinavia) virtually impossible!! As always!! God is good!! It was cloudy at times but it gave the atmosphere a little mood doesn’t it? :P

We made our way to the foot of Catbells Fell which stands at a high of 1481ft (451m). As we started out climb, the slopes weren’t too steep yet but I still felt tried after a while as I probably just lacked exercise. Haha. So whenever I’m tired, I’ll just tell my Fiancé that I wanted to stop to take some photos which was a pretty good excuse in my opinion as the view was just splendid!!

Sheep Grazing

As we went further up, it got steeper at certain portions and that required the use of hands to hoist myself up. This was actually pretty fun and a little scary at times as it was quite easy to slip and fall if we didn’t get our footing right.

Steep slope

We reached the peak in about 3 hours whist making stops to take pics, have a picnic, and enjoy the gorgeous view!! Here’s the view from the top.

Catbells Ridges

View from the top of Catbells

Seeing this made the climb all the more worthwhile and the tiredness just melted away.

The walk down was scarier than the climb at it started to rain slightly so the steps got really slippery. Hence, I didn’t manage to take any pics as I was concentrating on not losing my balance.

Once we got the bottom, we waited for a boat to take us back to the Derwent Water area where we were this morning to catch the sunrise.

Boat Landing

Pigeon resting

To be continued……..