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During my last photo shoot trip, it’s been raining cats and dogs.

Not that huge pouring-from-the-bucket like rain. Just a drizzle, a persistent one.

These photo was taken in between the “drizzle break.”

I guessed something good will revealed when one diligently seek it.

Now, hopefully the rain stop long enough for me to shoot more. By the way, where is my model…

(to be continued…)

by flyingbeagle

I was spending this weekend walking along the beach, while suddenly I feel someone following me.

I slowly readied my camera without looking too obvious. In a split second, I turned around and SNAPPED that person!


To my surprise, he about to aimed his camera at me too! I remembered that I saw this guy somewhere…

Have a sunny weekend guys! :D

LOL, so much of camouflage.. :P


by flyingbeagle