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In a dead, dull place like this beach, all it takes is one beautiful, innocent child and there is life again.


Whitstable in Kent is a seaside town along the south eastern coast of England. It’s the perfect place for a weekend getaway with a beautiful beach to walk along, fresh air and delicious seafood. I simply love the colourful beach huts on Tankerton Slope! How I wish I could own one of them, to be able to sit in the hut with a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool sea breeze and the wonderful view!

by sylviaspy

It’s a 40 mins drive from Shanklin to Alum Bay and as we were driving along to coast, we could make a pit stop to enjoy the view of the sandy beaches.

Sandy Beach

Once we got to Alum Bay, we first made our way to The Needles which is probably the most famous attraction on the Isle of Wight. Took us nearly half an hour to walk to where the Needles were located but I didn’t really mind it as I got to enjoy the scenery along the way!!

Coloured Cliffs


The Needles is actually a row of chalk stacks that rises out of the sea with a lighthouse at the end of it. The now unused Battery or Artillery Fort is also located in this area and is opened for visitors throughout the year.

The Needles

We then walked back to Alum Bay to check out the famous coloured sand cliffs with a stretch of pebbled beach. The different colours are caused by the different kind of minerals in it. Tourists were once able to dig out their own sand to create ornaments filling jars with the coloured sands but are now not allowed to do so due to the danger of landslides. However, there’s a sand shop with a facility for visitors to create their own souvenirs with sand collected by the professionals.

Coloured sand


boat landing

Yups, it was another great morning of exploring the island..………