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Traditional wedding bride dress displayed here is made with such an attention to details!

Check out the head piece. On her right is the original size, made from precious metals and pearls.

And here is the groom wedding suit. It seems he like to matched his hair color with his costume. What a taste!

But somehow the groom somehow looks pissed off. Watch out for that spears! :D

by flyingbeagle

Christmas is not complete without ornaments and decorations.

Here are some decorations that in my opinion, took the ideas from the sea.

Christmas at the bottom of the sea anyone? :)

In this photo, the  LED lights flowed seamlessly like seaweeds at the bottom of the sea, with wired net and starfish?

While the photo below looking close up, looks like golden fish scales.

Do you think they are very creative or trying too hard for this year Christmas design?