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These past few days, we’ve watched and we were petrified by Japan’s fifth largest earthquake in history that caused tsunami. I watched it on Youtube just a couple hours after the incident happened, and still in disbelief of the destruction it caused. Japan’s readiness and preparation surely helped the fatality down a bit. The number of victim has reached more than 10,000, and another 10,000 people are still missing. Had it happened in another country, that number could have been more than doubled.

Some of us felt compelled to help the victims of ‘The Wrath of God’ as the Japanese called it. You’ve posted sympathy on twitter and facebook status, and would like to extend your hand in the form of donation. But how? You googled it, and hundreds of links showed ‘Japan Tsunami Relief Fund’. So, how do you decide which organization should you donate your money to? Like it or not, we gotta do some homework if we really care how our donation is going to be used. But to make it easy, here are some pointers on giving donation that I gathered from various credible sites.

  • Money donations are best, because they can be sent quickly, and immediately be put to used. If you already have paypal account, or credit card, some reputable aid organizations will accept them. Even Google has a crisis response page that will make it easy for you to donate to support disaster relief efforts thru organizations like Japanese Red Cross, or Save the Children. Google Crisis Response
  • If you’re familiar with international wire transfer procedure thru banks, Japanese Red Cross Society also welcome direct transfer to their bank account. Check their official website: japan red cross society donation.
  • iTunes Stores in certain countries let you donate to Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund thru the American Red Cross with just a single click, assuming you already have an Apple ID. Don’t worry if you don’t, you still can donate directly to American Red Cross page.
  • If you would like donate in more specific areas, such as orphaned children resulted from the disasters, you could donate to specific organizations. Save the Children is one of the well known charity that focus in that area. To check which charities providing relief for Japan tsunami, check here, charitynavigator, or here: guidestar. Charitynavigator.org also provides rating of those organizations in term of efficiency, or capacity. So you could know roughly how much portion of your donation will be used for administrative/program expenses, and how much will be used for the tsunami relief funds.
  • You can donate now, or wait a bit to get assessments on the situation and then send contributions. Towns struck by tsunami and earthquake will take years to be rebuilt. So if you’d like to wait til your next paycheck, and donate bigger amount, you will still be able to do so. Just don’t forget. ;P
  • Beware of unsolicited incoming emails that ask for donations. Go directly to credible charities and aid organizations website instead of following a link from an email.


Japanese Manga comics such as Kungfu Boy (Tekken Chinmi in Japan) are really popular in our country.

Japanese autos are dominating the local market.


Ahhh childhood memories.

Like many others, growing up in Indonesia, I’d say I was pretty much influenced by Japanese culture, such as Manga comics or TV series, Japanese confectioneries (Marukawa Fusen bubble gum anyone?), durable Japanese electronic products back when they were still made in Japan, Japanese cars and bikes, and of course Japanese cameras. So hopefully this note, serves as my appreciation to those, will contribute a bit to the victims of Japan earthquake and tsunami. Pray for Japan, the sun will rise again.

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Time to start my morning ritual at the office, a hot cup of coffee (watered down double espresso), with a single tea spoon of sugar. One of the things I can’t live without. Ever since my first job as a creative, coffee has been part of my work life (I rarely drink coffee at home during the weekend). I even put my affinity of coffee somewhere in my resumé, and I guess it could be what landed me the job. My last boss was a coffee junkie, too, :). But before he departed from the company he took the espresso machine from the office (it was his to begin with). It was an Italian espresso machine, a Gaggia™, so I could understand it. Then, before we become coffee deprived, my office bought a Krups™, which is not Italian, but to my surprise, it makes better espresso. You can see on the second pic, how creamy the coffee is.

One of my favorites still life photo. The Krups™ in action. Using my long gone Canon 40D and EF 50mm f1.4. (click on image above to enlarge)

The final product, ready to be enjoyed.
Just a whiff of the coffee smell, and somehow for that brief moment, I forget whatever burden I have. It’s one of the little things in my life that can bring so much joy. To other people it could be exotic food (mango oh mango), a pint of Häagen-Dazs, an unfiltered cigarette, holding hands, snow fall on christmas morning, and many many more. It may seem too melodramatic, but as Jason Mraz say, ‘I love a little lift cause I’m an optimistic, In an altruistic way’ (from his song ‘Try try try’.)
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I’ve been introduced to ‘Apple’ since my elementary school, back when I didn’t understand much about computer other than I could play games with it (My favorite was prince of persia in monochrome, if I recall correctly). But my college year, majored in Graphic Design, made me grew fonder of this particular brand (starting with my Bondi blue PowerMac G3).

I didn’t need to worry about viruses, or programming back end in case it crashes. Unlike what the fanatics say that Macs don’t crash, in reality, they do. But I always manage to fix it myself, sometimes with the help of, back then, a small community of Mac users. Apple was loved by the creative industry, i.e, designers, artists, researchers, and filmmakers. So loved, that you start seeing Apple computers/notebooks in movies and TV shows (you’ve got mail, sex and the city, and many many more) without Apple being have to pay for the free publicity. It’s just the creatives people’s way of showing gratification for making their lives easier.

Recently, I got the Magic Mouse (Apple’s wireless, multi-touch mouse) as a Christmas gift, and have been amazed by its design and practicality. Thus, I decided to take pictures of it and made it my desktop wallpaper, and shared it thru V7. Let’s just say its my way of showing my gratification to Apple.

So, here’s the final result, after I tinkered with it for quite some time using Photoshop. Click on the image for bigger preview.

Here’s the original image, where I just turned all lights off, except for my desklamp with tissue paper to diffuse the light.

And here’s after I adjusted the contrast, sharpened, fine-tuned the level to bring out the Apple logo, and added vignette effect in Aperture software to make it more dramatic.

I love the contrast of high-tech and the wood texture, and overall satisfied with the original master pic. Maybe next time I’ll show my gratification to Canon. ;D

There are other brands that I love for their value, or for making my life easier, some even I lust after, but never actually experienced it myself, like a Leica. What’s your favorite brands, in term of customer satisfaction? I’m sure it’s not much different accross the world, since most of the successful brands have gone global.