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It’s been close to three years since I am using my trusty Nikon messenger camera bag.

It has been following me through all kind of weather and finally conceded.

Noticed the tear on the sewing area? That is how bad I abused this bag.

So this morning I went looking for its replacement, and found it.

Look and behold! The Awesome Billingham Hadley Pro!

It’s love at the first sight. This legendary messenger bag is made from weather-proof canvas, genuine leather and brass metal.

Not only it is smaller and lighter than my previous Nikon bag, but also MORE SPACIOUS!

This bag fits in two DSLR (without battery pack) with 24-70mm nikkor f2.8 and long 70-200mm nikkor f2.8, ATTACHED. The double pockets in front can fit two flashes. Last but not least, with the compartment for your IPAD or 14″ laptop. The only part where velcro are used is on the padded divider.

Can’t wait to use this bag out for photoshoot!

by flyingbeagle


I have been wanting to get a hold on this medium telephoto lens for years. Finally this baby is in my hand.

Nikon only produce this lens under 1,000 pieces per year, which according to photographer Josh Jones,

there are over 6 times more Ferrari cars made a year than this lens.

That’s how hard to get hold of this lens.

Ai AF DC Nikkor 135 mm f/2S is not just a mere prime lens. It came with ground-breaking Defocus-image Control (DC) technology invented by Kouichi  Ohshita, Nikon engineer. His mentor is a senior engineer in Nikon who invented AF 85mm f/1.8 lens.

The union of two innovations, the rear-focusing design established in the development of AF 85 mm f/1.8 and the Defocus-image Control (DC), gave birth of the first AF DC Nikkor 135 mm f/2S in 1991.

This lens not only famous for its sharpness but also the unique feature only owned by Nikon, Defocus-image Control (DC).

Ai AF DC Nikkor 135 mm f/2S is capable of controlling the foreground and background defocusing.

In human language, means we can adjust the out-of-focus effect for background and foreground of the image taken.

When taking portraiture shoots, it added “dreamy” bokeh effect for the area intended. Even with the DC feature off, this lens is simply sharp and gives pleasant colour tones for human skin.

Ai AF DC Nikkor 135 mm f/2S build like a tank with decent weight. The finishing is superb and it comes with build-in hood.

This lens is made in Japan. Please ignore that “Made in Germany” on the lens. That is my B+W 72mm XS-PRO Digital MRC Nano SLIM UV Haze 010M Filter. For a lens this caliber, better use the best filter available in the market.

I can’t wait to make a full use of this lens :)

by flyingbeagle

Hey hey hey!!!

I’m back! I simply missed all of you and the hunger of blogging were unbearable.

So, here we go!

Yesterday I went to join Canon Photomarathon 2010 at Suntec Convention Center, Singapore.

The atmosphere were so exciting!

Check out the crowd here!

I was queuing for almost an hour just to submit my first photo! Madness!

Total attendance is more than 1650 photographers!

Here is my first submission. The first theme is Clarity.

Many of the attendance focused on object of visibility. My approach is on hearing clarity.

So I happened to found this handsome young man, hiding at one corner of the music shop experiencing musical bliss.

His expression was captured perfectly.

Next theme is Faith.

I found this old crucifix lied between antiques. I placed it on the top of these ancient copper coins an shot.

This picture was inspired from Matthew 6:33,

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

The last theme: Charge

Basically I shot these lighted stars in slow shutter speed and move my camera while pressing the trigger.

Not my best effort, 12 hours plus of non-stop photoshoot really drained me.


Here a surprise for all of you,

You saw the most right picture on the Nominees panels?

Yes, that is my second theme: Faith photo! I am shortlisted in Canon Photomarathon 2010 Best Works! I am so happy!

Although in the end I was not selected as the winner (I suspect because I am using Nikon? LOL! Kidding!),

this is a huge encouragement for me to put more effort next time!

Last but not least, I wanna thank you all for the encouraging words to keep me blogging!


by flyingbeagle