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Continuing last week’s topic, I’m still a firm believer that ‘the best camera is the one that’s with you’. But there were cases where people start thinking “ah, my camera sucks, I wish i had a Digital-SLR camera with me”. They bought one, use it for couple of months, -in most cases without reading the manual first-, then disappointed that the results were not as spectacular as they had expected. Some even feel that the results from their DSLRs lack the punch and vividness of their previous compact cameras. Worst case is, they feel DSLRs turn out to be a burden to carry around. Especially if they just go hang out in a local restaurant, they’d think they look like tourists.

If that’s the case, prosumer- (a marketing jargon for professional consumer, to differentiate from ‘amateurs’)- level compact like the Panasonic Lumix LX3 might be an option. It’s small, lightweight, has large sensor (CCD) for details, also large aperture (f2.0) to make a nice bokeh (background blur), and manual control so you can be as creative as with a DSLR.

I had my hands on one LX3, thanks to a buddy of mine who’s kindly enough to let me try it out. And it did churned out great result. Here are some of the photos I took with the LX3. Click on it to enlarge and see it’s amazing detail. Except for the sunset shot, I changed the color tone in Apple’s Aperture for most of the picture. I prefer a bit less saturated colors then the originals. I took them in RAW format, one of prosumer level camera’s features. So any adjustment won’t ruin it, as you will in Jpeg format.

I tried the macro feature, on this 50th wedding anniversary event (not mine, I’m not that old ;P) with its f2.0 aperture. Real shallow Depth of Field. (click on image above to enlarge)

Even closer, and even shallower DOF

It’s Popeye the sailor girl. Click to enlarge, see in the eye-lash area, and I’d say it’s pretty detail for a compact.

Amazing color rendition. Tho not bad for a compact, compare to a DSLR the noise level is annoying. (This was at iso 400)

(click on image above to see what’s bugging me)

I didn’t take enough photos with it as much as I want to, but I could say that if I want to get a compact, LX3 will come top of my mind. Though in high iso number (800 and above) the noise become more pronounced, I’d still think it’s an improvement compare to smaller sensor cameras. As of now, the Lumix LX3 is the reigning champion in its class. It’s a hot item, so hot that it might be hard to find in some areas. But that’s about to change with the recent announcement of its successor, Panasonic Lumix LX5. It will have more range (24-90mm from the previous 24-60mm), supposedly better CCD to reduce noise, and better image stabilization (power O.I.S.). I can’t wait to see how far it really improved.

So, any camera you’ve tried and compared that you really recommend? Or maybe camera you had bad experience with? I could name a few, especially the ones that made my wallet empty,… =P

by ingimg
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Anyone who watched Laskar Pelangi Movie (= Warriors of Rainbow, an Indonesian Box Office Movie based on a novel with the same title by Adrea Hirata),  definitely would be amazed by the beauty of Belitung Island.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach was the filming location of Laskar Pelangi Movie.  The beach is famous for its unique formation and shape of stones.  They are not man made but natural, not black rocks but granites in various colors. The water was calm and clear, so clear that we could see the under water.  Small waves.  Smooth white sands.  What a beautiful  beach.

Still drizzling when we arrived and the stones were slippery.  However,  we managed to take some pictures in the middle of spitting rain. My friend brought a pink umbrella (so girly…).  Lately,  the weather could change to hot and sunny at any time.  That umbrella would still be useful.

Do you see the whale shape of granite ? Elephant and Hipo? Giant tear drop and ball?

Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitung Island, Indonesia

May 2010 by v1olet

These pictures were taken at my office when we received a bouquet of orchids – a beautiful combination of purple and white orchids.  The shape of this orchid is just like a big moth in beautiful purple color. That is why this Phalaenopsis Orchid is also called Moth Orchid.

Phalaenopsis has many colors, with or without stripes.  The white one is also known as Moon Orchid, maybe because of its white color and its round shape.

Have a beautiful Sunday !

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