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by flyingbeagle

Saw this blue beauty on set of a commercial shooting. It sure brings back memory, so i couldn’t help myself, and fire away at the Vespa.

I grew up in kinda big family, there were four of us, me, 2 older brothers, and the eldest, my sister. I don’t know why, but my most vivid memory with the vespa was when Superman movie (the Clark Kent version) came out, my dad took us all to see it. We all would fit on that Vespa¬†(sans my mom, of course, she’s not a big fan of western movie) . Me and one of my bro, standing up on the stepper, then my dad, then my other bro and my sister in the back seat. Not only we enjoyed the movie, but also the ride home. Being on the front, i raised both my arms and pretend i could fly like superman, feeling the breeze, and ignoring the exhaust from buses and bajaj (the equivalent of Thailand’s Tuk-Tuk).

Ahhh good memories, triggered by this blue beauty. Maybe next time i could fine a nice old fiat 128, and flashback to another good ol’ memento. What’s your most nostalgic ride?

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