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Aaw.. Monday..

Good thing I have my cuppa to cheer me up :).

by flyingbeagle

11.30am -it was a hot Sunday. For some people Sunday it’s a time to spend it with the love ones, give ourselves a little break, being playful and enjoy ourselves.

But, for some people -Sunday maybe is another hard work, another loneliness, and another ordinary day that passes by.

Who can count our days? Live your life to the fullest! Happy Monday :)

Good Morning 2010!

Today is the first Monday, first day of returning to reality after so much eating, drinking, shopping and laughing.

How are you guys? Hope you all had a great holiday celebration yet.

I’ve been busy with so-called photography marathon during last few days. It was drop dead tiring but also very fruitful.

I will show you all in the next couple of days, pray that I am not too tired :)

Here’s Water Lilies shot that I took  on nearby pond. Hope this picture gives a little bit of warmness to my northern sphere friends.

Cheer up! New year with full of great expectations!

by flyingbeagle