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“If I say jump, all of you have to jump ok?”

“Don’t make me repeat the shots” pouted the girl.

“One… Two… Three… Jump!”


“Oh well, not all of you jump.”

“You guys need to redo that again”

This is going to be fun :)

by flyingbeagle

Point and Shoot in this case, according to the girl in white:

” You give pointers to your bro how to fly the kite and I shoot ”

“Hey bro? Are you ready?”

Now, where is the little brother… Oh! There he is, holding a kite.

He look a bit distracted though by looking at other people.

“Focus young Jedi!” :D

It’s a brand new week and tomorrow is a brand new month!

Put a big smile on your face and heart! Exciting days ahead of us!

by flyingbeagle