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Jaclyn, she is not really a farmgirl from UK. She is an inspired model that I met during photo competition at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Simply love her sunny smile :).

by flyingbeagle

Train Station without a station, rail track and train itself can’t be called as Train Station.

So, here is Singapore KTM station picture taken at night.

And here is the rail track taken on the daylight so that you guys can see the shape and textures.

And finally, I present to you… VanillaSeven First ever Motion Picture!!

Created with series of photo taken with burst mode when the train passed by.

I hope you all like this, please let me know if you do :)

by flyingbeagle

Train Ticket Counter is a must in every station.

Do you still have it in your area? The old fashioned ticketing booth.

The mixed between modern technology like electronic queuing number and wood-based counters gives a very unique feeling to this station interior.

Here is the train time table schedule for North South Bound (Click to enlarge.)

If you read this post today, I am already on my way to Thailand for photoshoot.

I promise to show you all the wonderful pictures that I took from my trip.

Please continue to say out your thought in the comment box.

I will reply and visit every single one of you when I returned :)

by flyingbeagle