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Christ Church of Melaka was constructed in 1741 and completed  in 1753 during Dutch occupation.

Located opposite to Stadthuys, the former official residence for the Dutch government,

Christ Church Melaka were constructed manually even the pews and windows.

This magnificent building still stand strong until now since 257 years ago.

Oh! By the way,  the total number of the fishes around Crocodile on yesterday post was TEN! :)

I don’t know how JuneZach counted as 11, maybe he got infrared vision to see through the murky water! :D

by flyingbeagle

When I walked along at night during our recent trip to Melaka, I saw this crowded unique Sushi Bar at the road side.

Curious, I went nearer to take a look…

Oh! The Head Chef are wearing an eye patch! Not to mentioned the long scar on his cheek.

He reminded me of a villain in Austin Powers movie, Number 2.

This guy is very calm and quiet in his work, there is an aura of authority over him.

He must have a great story behind that patch, like lost his eyes during his first fish hunting or even gang fight!

“This is how you gut the fish..use the force” said Fong to his young Padawa.. I mean apprentice.

by flyingbeagle

At Melaka, we passed by this beautiful Chinese building.

Notice that they draw two huge Deities picture to protect the gate.

The Deities drawn here are famous heroes from Three Kingdom era, Zhang Fei (left) and Guan Yu (right).

These two Generals are sworn brothers of Shu ruler, Liu Bei. Their expertise in battlefield are legendary.

The details of this painting is brilliant.

The scary part is, do you noticed that the eyes of the guardians following you wherever you are? :)

by flyingbeagle