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Wish you all a very blessed Christmas this Season! May your days be merry and bright! :)

by flyingbeagle

The Lantern Festival let the water to be very colorful,

or even have the stars  which were in the sky togethered into one place,

the distance like the stars fell to the river, the lights relying on the river it seems like the moon.

by flyingbeagle

Hubby: Yes dear?

Wife: Are you finished your work?

Hubby: Yes, I just closed the shop. On my way home now.

Wife: You buying meal? Our kids are hungry.

Hubby: I will, be back at home after I bought it.

Wife: Ok, we will be waiting for you, be safe.

Hubby: Yeah, love you.

Wife: Love you too.

And the man was about to cross the road while still on the phone…

A Call at Midnight Traffic

This man was about to cross in front of me while I was taking the photo of the road.

The Traffic light just turned green for vehicle.

That’s almost his last conversation with his wife if I didn’t pulled him back on time.

Don’t use your mobile while crossing the road or driving.

Ever saw similar case?

by flyingbeagle