Tag: laundry

1. Doing their laundries.

2. Hanging their laundries in the sun.

3. Let you see theirs.

Damn, another routine patrol tonight, hope today no rain…

by flyingbeagle

It’s Friday night. You ask your parents if they allow you to invite some friends and have a home party, they said ok but in one condition: clean the mess, will you?

Another scenario on Friday night. You just want to get out and have life! Just want spend quality time with your love one and suddenly the babysitter called, says that she cannot come for duty, in 5 seconds.. there goes your Friday night :)

TGiF! But…! It’s a very tiring week, those over hours, you just want to go home, take a bath and throw your stiff body in the bed.. and don’t wanna think about that tons of laundry.

From Monday to Sunday.. repeated and without failed! Happy at the beginning, love the doing, but hate the ending!

I know its kinda silly to ask, but what kind of housework do you preferred to do? :P