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Beside Gokyo lake, there is a long glacier stretches in multiple kilometers covered with gravers. When looking down from the Mountain at its shoulder, we can hear rocks or even slaps of ice break off and fall into individual holes …. which is water from melted snow.

The whole stretch looks hilly, grey, cold, dangerous to an extend like the end of the world.

by krizzcross

Gokyo lakes, finally we reached this famous site.

The path are rocky and dry. The fog moving constantly.

Here is the full view of the first lake. (Click to enlarge.)

Even though it looks like ordinary lake, no plant or animal living in that  lake due to its low temperature.

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During dinner at Macherma, the weather turn cold and started to snow.

This picture are taken at following morning.

whole place are covered with snow. awesome landscape.

These are the last green wild scrub we saw on the roadside.

Narrow pathway along the frozen river to Gokyo.

by krizzcross