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Captured this man playing with a remote mini helicopter in his toy shop.

I love the look of his eyes, so many thoughts written behind them.

by flyingbeagle

First put the cream on the area to be shaved.

Let the Barber do his blade work.

Trying to gulp or playing peek-a-boo are epic bad timing at this moment.

Wipe it and repeat.

by flyingbeagle

There’s something about Indian novel that is deeply touching and original. Focusing on humanity and life struggle, these novels can always tear your heart apart, especially if you are tired with happy-ending, pursuit-for-glamour storyline. Here are some notable reads, just one try of Indian novel, and you’ll be addicted for more.

midnight's children

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

A masterpiece from the winner of Booker Prize in 1981, it tells a story about two babies who got accidentally swapped in the hospital. The first is Saleem Sinai, who got raised by a wealthy Muslim couple. And the other is Shiva, who got to live a life as a street performer. Will they ever find out the truth?

by Astrid 2009