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I really think that this sheep is the luckiest chap in the world.

Look at the view he gets every day!

Until he becomes lamb chops, of course.


Stomp…Stomp… Stomp! Here I come!

I am the youngest member of the Lion’s tribe.

I might be young now, but soon I will grow stronger and bigger!

Hop! Hop! Hop! I am marching fearlessly to conquer a new territory!

Hmm? That person with the camera aimed at me looks yummy…

(Uh..oh… I better run :) )

by flyingbeagle

Remember the classic folk tale about the ugly duckling? The story of one black feathered duckling amongst its white siblings. In the Disney version, the ugly duckling grew up to be one beautiful swan. A few days ago, I came across this bunch of geese. I saw that one black feathered goose (or duck, i don’t really know my avian) was left behind by its white feathered fellows. I instantly recalled that folk tale of the ugly duckling. So, ignoring their quacking at me, I fired away my camera, and captured the drama in the composition. It’s almost seemed choreographed, but i just got lucky, i guess.

The Ugly Duckling

It’s sad really, that this kind of stuff also happening in the human society. You see it everywhere, in the form of segregation, discrimination, hate crime, heck, it also happens in recess time in an elementary school backyard. And to be realistic, a mentally wounded kid most likely won’t grow up to be a ‘beautiful swan’.

by ingimg