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by flyingbeagle


It’s so easy to imagine, after reading the more than 600 studies about wind farms and the deaths of avian wildlife, the evidence linking wind turbines with avian mortality is indisputable.

Avian, for instance, can directly crash into a turbine blade when they are fixated on perching or hunting and pass through its rotor plane; they can strike its support structure; they can hit part of its tower; or they can collide with its associated transmission and distribution lines.

Birds can perish not only by striking wind turbines in the ways described above, but by smashing into nuclear power plant cooling structures, transmission and distribution lines, and smokestacks at fossil-fuel fired power stations. Avian can starve to death in forests ravaged by acid rain, ingest hazardous and fatal doses of mercury, drink contaminated water at uranium mines and mills, or die in large numbers as climate change wreaks havoc on migration routes and degrades habitats.

Fossil energy kills more birds than wind and nuclear energy.