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At Melaka, we passed by this beautiful Chinese building.

Notice that they draw two huge Deities picture to protect the gate.

The Deities drawn here are famous heroes from Three Kingdom era, Zhang Fei (left) and Guan Yu (right).

These two Generals are sworn brothers of Shu ruler, Liu Bei. Their expertise in battlefield are legendary.

The details of this painting is brilliant.

The scary part is, do you noticed that the eyes of the guardians following you wherever you are? :)

by flyingbeagle

Good morning guys!

Chinese New Year is around the corner, time to focus on what’s happening!

When it comes to Chinese New Year celebration, guess which place is more crowded that usual?

Ahaa! You are right! Chinese Temple of course, especially the one located at Chinatown.

This is the main entrance of one of the famous Chinese Temple in Singapore, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

Notice the details of the workmanship are superb. There are two similar Deity statues placed in front of the gate.

From today onwards till Chinese New Year, 14 August 2010 14 February 2010 which happened to be St Valentine’s Day too, I will be posting more on this temple and Chinese New Year celebration across Singapore. Stay tuned! :)

by flyingbeagle