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Nature. They always prevails.

Just give them a tiny crack on the wall or ground. As long there are sunlight and rain, a new life will be born.

They have an amazing ability to adapt on almost every condition.

Some of them even evolved to survived the environment.

We, humans are part of nature.

We will grow, evolve and survive as nature always does.

by flyingbeagle

Good morning Nature Lovers! :)

On the previous post, we saw how fungus can eat up the whole tree and how roots can cracked even the thickest asphalt.

Now we see layer of moss turned plants try to swallowed up the plain white wall.

They are almost looks like a small forest here! :)

God will never caught surprised when He saw human try to alter or destroy the nature. The answers for all the problems happened in this world are lies hidden in the nature itself. Do you agree? :)

by flyingbeagle