Tag: fitness

I often tell my friends to do a just simple walk, jump rope or jogging (you can ask your dog to come along!), running, aerobic to maybe swimming and a little weight lifting, these things are actually can helps you to maintain your shape, losing weight and live a healthier life.

I often get this answers from them: too lazy, too busy, too tired, or they even claim not having the time to do it. Some of the girls has a very smart answer: I do shopping once in awhile, I walk all day from one shopping mall to another one, from 1st to 7fl (imagine wearing that high heels! They’re unbelievable! Sometimes I do admire them). But the complaining stop when the doctor finally tell them to do some routine workout :)

A little trick with Lumix DMC-FZ18, I know it’s not much, but some experiment could make me a better shooter -I hope :)

Do you guys have any routine exercise? Oh, and again, this is absolutely not a Kettler ad :)