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Whitstable in Kent is a seaside town along the south eastern coast of England. It’s the perfect place for a weekend getaway with a beautiful beach to walk along, fresh air and delicious seafood. I simply love the colourful beach huts on Tankerton Slope! How I wish I could own one of them, to be able to sit in the hut with a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool sea breeze and the wonderful view!

by sylviaspy

It’s the wintery season in England and i’m sure you’ve heard of the havoc caused by the snow in the UK, US and Europe. However, there’s definitely a prettier side to it all. It’s always enjoyable to be able to get away from all the chaos and take some time, if you can, to appreciate the relaxing feeling that comes with the beauty that nature brings….

by sylviaspy

“Flowers never blossoms without Love…”

-Miki Imai, Flowers-



Cleome ‘Rose Queen’ is a beautiful variety with deep, rose-pink flowers that fade to light pink, creating a two-tone effect.
Cleome is an heirloom flower. Originally from the West Indies, it has been grown in English gardens since 1817.
The flowers can be used in arrangements, please be careful and avoid the thorns along the stem.
by flyingbeagle