It’s been close to three years since I am using my trusty Nikon messenger camera bag.

It has been following me through all kind of weather and finally conceded.

Noticed the tear on the sewing area? That is how bad I abused this bag.

So this morning I went looking for its replacement, and found it.

Look and behold! The Awesome Billingham Hadley Pro!

It’s love at the first sight. This legendary messenger bag is made from weather-proof canvas, genuine leather and brass metal.

Not only it is smaller and lighter than my previous Nikon bag, but also MORE SPACIOUS!

This bag fits in two DSLR (without battery pack) with 24-70mm nikkor f2.8 and long 70-200mm nikkor f2.8, ATTACHED. The double pockets in front can fit two flashes. Last but not least, with the compartment for your IPAD or 14″ laptop. The only part where velcro are used is on the padded divider.

Can’t wait to use this bag out for photoshoot!

by flyingbeagle


What you guys saw here is not a newest trick of photoshop or any computer software generated effect.

It’s my photo taken during lantern festival, and I only took one shot of this.

Can you imagine how disappointed I am? :(

This might happened if you using one SD card too often in multiple occasion shots.

The ratio so far is about 1: 1000. One SD card of 8 gb with jpeg fine quality can store up to 1000+ images.

So expect one of those to be broken.

How to prevent this?

  1. Copy all the image in one session photo taking to the computer
  2. Make sure they are safely transferred.
  3. Format the card with your camera, not with your computer.

Do this every single time after one day session. Hope this tips help all of you to avoid the same error.

by flyingbeagle

Question: How many shooters are there?

by flyingbeagle