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Hey hey hey!!!

I’m back! I simply missed all of you and the hunger of blogging were unbearable.

So, here we go!

Yesterday I went to join Canon Photomarathon 2010 at Suntec Convention Center, Singapore.

The atmosphere were so exciting!

Check out the crowd here!

I was queuing for almost an hour just to submit my first photo! Madness!

Total attendance is more than 1650 photographers!

Here is my first submission. The first theme is Clarity.

Many of the attendance focused on object of visibility. My approach is on hearing clarity.

So I happened to found this handsome young man, hiding at one corner of the music shop experiencing musical bliss.

His expression was captured perfectly.

Next theme is Faith.

I found this old crucifix lied between antiques. I placed it on the top of these ancient copper coins an shot.

This picture was inspired from Matthew 6:33,

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

The last theme: Charge

Basically I shot these lighted stars in slow shutter speed and move my camera while pressing the trigger.

Not my best effort, 12 hours plus of non-stop photoshoot really drained me.


Here a surprise for all of you,

You saw the most right picture on the Nominees panels?

Yes, that is my second theme: Faith photo! I am shortlisted in Canon Photomarathon 2010 Best Works! I am so happy!

Although in the end I was not selected as the winner (I suspect because I am using Nikon? LOL! Kidding!),

this is a huge encouragement for me to put more effort next time!

Last but not least, I wanna thank you all for the encouraging words to keep me blogging!


by flyingbeagle

Good morning guys!

Been awhile since my last posting, got few things I want to update all of you.

Recently I sold away my SONY and bought a NIKON D300S

DSLR Nikon D300s

For the lens, I have my solid wide angle  Nikkor 35mm f/2 AF

L-014-168.jpg (AF 35/2D; 400x300 JPEG RGB)

I bought a new standard lens together with the body, Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM

Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM

I am very happy with the performance of both lenses, which I will talk more about these in the near future.

You can check out what are the latest gears that VanillaSeven team use during their photo taking HERE.

And these are the panoramic shots that I took at Singapore and Kallang River.

Singapore River Panorama

Singapore River, from Clarke Quay to Fullerton Hotel.

Kallang River Panorama

Kallang River, Tanjong Rhu.

by Alex Obana

Good morning everyone! :D

After long nights of dragging my heavy camera bag and tripod from work and crawling in the dark of nights, searching for the best angle, techniques and skill… I present to you, my first HDR photo!

Chinatown Singapore HDR_low

Thanks for the valuable feedbacks during our blogoversary, we hear you. By popular demand, here is VanillaSeven photography tips and tricks.

For those who didn’t know what on earth is HDR, HDR is High Dynamic Range (HDR) image using three photographs of the same scene taken under different exposures, and  process the HDR image in photoshop in order to reveal its details in highlights and shadows. HDR images contain more detail in bright and dark areas than ordinary images. But to achieve that is another story, experience and hands on are the keys.

The skies doesn’t look so bright and clean due to pollution and dust in city area. Weather plays a very important factor in taking a night shoot.

My freebie tripod finally R.I.P (Rest in Pieces) during the photography “battle.” Time to buy a new one…

Oh, in case you guys always wondering what equipment that VanillaSeven contributors using up-to-date, you can check out what is inside our bags. This list will be updated frequently as we changed our gears. So, do check it out regularly! :)

Well? Please give me your honest comment about this photo. For me, I am still not satisfied with the result, knowing I can do better provided given more time to learn.

Have a great weekend trying this new trick! :)

by flyingbeagle