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And who says that computer is created for boys only? I spend a lot time in front of it and it happens to one of my hobbies :)

Do you have any boyish side?

My document and Mine only

If you are like me, who seems to store every files in my document, now you can do so with your trusty notebook, literally! Regardless how many times my brother tries to tell me “save it in another drive! don’t jam everything in ‘my document folder’!” But a bad habit is just hard to break.. that’s why I proudly carry it with me instead with “my document laptop case” in yellow (pantone 128).


by Astrid 2009

This super trim laptop with  .65 inches and four pounds weight, full-size keyboard with back-lighting and scalloped, metallic key cap design that lit beautifully on the darknesss is very devilish handsome, a perfect companion to go online in the lounge, accompanied by a glass of martini. Who says portable computer always have to go together  with coffee and coffeshop?



Adamo by Dell in Onyx color

by astrid