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Apple’s Iphone 4GS are almost everywhere in Singapore, even gods using it.

Oh well, at least they are following trend, and my twitter…

by flyingbeagle

As one of the invited photographer to the recent Chingay Parade Singapore. An annual event during Chinese New Year where the government, business companies and varies faith organizations come together by sponsoring display floats, funds and etc to make this event an highlight. Here are a series of pictures of the performer from Indonesia (Solo Batik Carnival). Check out their elaborate costumes and make up, simply awesome!

The Sword Warrior

Captivating red and details..

Pause for the moment..

Swaying in style..

Dual Face Dancer..

Richness in culture..

Lady with a Charming Smile…

The Blazing fire..

Will find time to post other shots. Thanks for viewing