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It must be an Asian thing.

I live in New Zealand right now. And I get excited when I see freshly cut chili in a restaurant.

Especially when it’s chili padi. That’s when I can’t wait for the food to arrive on the table.

– StoryofBing

Most of Asian people (don’t include me on this one) loves hot spicy food. They even love to eat it raw!
My mom has it in the front garden. We often use it to add some spice on the cuisine.

thai ornament

This tiny chili is also known as Thai Ornamental. It grows upward on the plant, go from green to yellow, orange and then red. According to wikipedia, these chilies can grow wild in places like Saipan dan Guam. Where the heck is Saipan dan Guam anyway?? I’d never heard of that name before. Well, Saipan and Guam are located at Mariana Archipelago -western Pacific Ocean and it still under United States Territory. Wow, just a simple picture can really get you anywhere, isn’t it?

By the way, most of my friends love hot spicy food! One of them even add 25 to 30 raw chilis and mixed it together on her food and still said,”This isn’t spicy at all!”