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I have been wanting to get a hold on this medium telephoto lens for years. Finally this baby is in my hand.

Nikon only produce this lens under 1,000 pieces per year, which according to photographer Josh Jones,

there are over 6 times more Ferrari cars made a year than this lens.

That’s how hard to get hold of this lens.

Ai AF DC Nikkor 135 mm f/2S is not just a mere prime lens. It came with ground-breaking Defocus-image Control (DC) technology invented by Kouichi  Ohshita, Nikon engineer. His mentor is a senior engineer in Nikon who invented AF 85mm f/1.8 lens.

The union of two innovations, the rear-focusing design established in the development of AF 85 mm f/1.8 and the Defocus-image Control (DC), gave birth of the first AF DC Nikkor 135 mm f/2S in 1991.

This lens not only famous for its sharpness but also the unique feature only owned by Nikon, Defocus-image Control (DC).

Ai AF DC Nikkor 135 mm f/2S is capable of controlling the foreground and background defocusing.

In human language, means we can adjust the out-of-focus effect for background and foreground of the image taken.

When taking portraiture shoots, it added “dreamy” bokeh effect for the area intended. Even with the DC feature off, this lens is simply sharp and gives pleasant colour tones for human skin.

Ai AF DC Nikkor 135 mm f/2S build like a tank with decent weight. The finishing is superb and it comes with build-in hood.

This lens is made in Japan. Please ignore that “Made in Germany” on the lens. That is my B+W 72mm XS-PRO Digital MRC Nano SLIM UV Haze 010M Filter. For a lens this caliber, better use the best filter available in the market.

I can’t wait to make a full use of this lens :)

by flyingbeagle

Most of the time we saw a nice object to shoot, we tend to come out with a result like this…

While we can try other approach like this…

Have you tried this? :)

by flyingbeagle

What is bokeh?

Bokeh or blur is created by the distance of the object and out-of-focus area.

This is the example.

And this is the original image. How to create easy and nice round bokeh and by using almost any type of lens?

Here are the steps:

  1. Mount your camera on tripod
  2. Aim it at the multiple light source (Christmas tree or neon sign are great objects)
  3. Turn off the autofocus feature from your lens or camera body.
  4. Turn the focus barrel manually till you saw totally blur from your viewfinder.
  5. Set shutter speed. Try experience and have fun with the shutter speed. As rule of thumb, the darker the area, the longer you set the shutter speed)
  6. Set timer to avoid camera shake.
  7. And shoot!

This is the result. I reversed the picture below just for artistic purpose. Have fun! :)

by flyingbeagle