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We are but a tiny dot under the vast sky.

(Courtesy of YB)

by flyingbeagle

This is not UP movie poster although quite similar.

When I was a child playing with floating balloons,

My mind always wondered, where all the balloons went once they released and floating to that big blue sky?

Were they floating to Heaven? or some place up there with a big net to catch those strayed balloons?

Have you ever thinking the same way? or even deeper than mine? :)

So even till now, every time I got chance to see balloons being released to the sky,

my eyes will try to follow that balloons till they became a dot then vanished, up in the air.

by flyingbeagle

Eagle is usually flying alone. Soaring over mountains and valleys with its majestic wings.

There is a sense of freedom, boundless and carefree when we behold how the eagle glides effortlessly on the blue skies.

One fine day, I managed to captured this view…

A pair of Eagle flying in the way like Olympic Ice-skaters gliding and moving on the ice ring.

If only they can leave trails behind them, we would see their signature on that clear blue sky.

I’ve reached a conclusion that…

Freedom tasted best when shared.

by flyingbeagle