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After tired chasing turtles till noon time. The boat driver took us to the biggest fisherman village there to have our lunch break.

It looks like typical local fisherman village in malaysia, colorful huts, fishing nets everywhere, and the smell of dried cuttlefish.

We sat down beneath a huge tree for our lunch. Here is the tree.

Lunch under big tree

The food, as usual, was barely OK. It took us about 1 hour just for fried rice and chicken sandwiches. I should seriously considered BK’s offer to hunt wildboar together :D

grilled wildboar…. hmm…

ok ok, don’t get distracted! :P

While we were waiting for the food, as a good VanillaSeven, I walked around to see if the anything interesting thing to shot.

I reached one of the small restaurant there and when I read the sign, I almost can’t believe it.

It’s Michael Jackson’s retirement cafe!

MJ Cafe

As I expected! Michael Jackson is not dead, Michael Jackson is alive! He cloned himself, disposed his own clone, and decided to exile himself from all the glamour of the world into this humble cafe!


Maybe it’s the combination of the heat and hunger affecting my brain.. well.. nevermind…

I walked into the shade and I found an awesome woman here.

multitask mom

She is single-handedly taking care of FIVE children at one go, no kidding!

I have a soft spot for a single mother (for this one, maybe the hubby is around somewhere) that managed to raised her kids despite all the hardship she went through.

By the way, are that springs supposed to be used for upper body and arms exercise?

After we had a tasteless meal and super sweet tea, time to continue our snorkeling!

next stop, ROMANTIC BEACH!

I am sure you don’t want to missed this :)

(To be continued…)

by flyingbeagle

Ah, finally we reached the first destination. Coral Garden.

Coral Garden basically an area with half-dying corals. Most of the corals there are already turned greyish, only few patch of them still shown color of life. Nevertheless, it still have it’s charm.

As you noticed in this photo, the boatman is throwing crumbs of bread to lure the fishes around.

Boatman feeding fish

Next, we went to Shark’s Point…

As we can see here, the current and waves here are quite strong. Maybe because of that, sharks likes to dwell around here.

Shark Point

We swim for quite some times, the only shark we saw is only about one meter long.

Maybe here is where the help of muscleman and his trusty machete will be handy to lure the sharks out! :D

Shark Point 2

My friend’s toes are wounded on the rock earlier, so just swam nearby the boat in case got any curious shark smell the blood.

Next destination is Turtle chasing!

We supposed to check out the turtle’s nest but that area are being closed by martime police to preserve their eggs. What a great environmental action by local government!

Chasing Turtles

So many times during this trip, I kinda regreted for not having an underwater camera. If you going for snorkeling or diving at least once in 1-2 months, please invest in one. We saw about 2-3 adult turtles here. Once the turtle swam away from us, we aligned to the boat and continued searching for the next one, then the boat driver will instructed us to jump.

It was fun!

(To be continued…)

by flyingbeagle

On the way we walk to the Snorkeling booth, my eyes caught an interesting individual.

This guy smile at us and I can’t resist to take his photo. There is something very familiar about this guy that I can’t pinpointed it.

Red pants on the beach

After we waited for awhile, finally our boat for snorkeling arrived.

Here it is.

Snorkeling Boat

I noticed the differences between our RM40 snorkeling package and other cheaper package (We saw RM35 and RM30) are those cheaper packages covers lesser drop point and their boat are smaller or without rooftop (try that from 10am till 4pm and you’ll know why)

In my opinion, pay slightly more for less hardship is really recommended.

Now, off we go! :)

Snorkeling boat departing

(To be continued…)

by flyingbeagle