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There are many things in life which can’t be boring, even if you have those things everyday. One great example would be sunset. Sure some sunsets in some parts of the world are less majestic than the rest (affected by smog, pollution, and whatnot). But even then, they are never going to bore you. You look at sunset sky and instantly appreciate the divine powers behind it. It could make you feel insignificant, or the oppossite, you feel truly blessed by its beauty.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to view the most glorious sunsets from three famous beaches in Bali. The ever crowded Kuta beach, the Jimbaran, and from the rocks of Ayana resort. I like to capture sunset, usually 5-15 minutes after the sun disappeared, that’s when the colors become vibrantly red and blue. I just hope this pics will do justice to its real beauty. Really, you got to be there to experience it.

Sunset from Ayana resort. (click on image above to enlarge)

Enjoy seafood while staring at this at the Jimbaran. Dunno why this time the sky is more red, but it’s not photoshoped, for sure.

My youngest (Kayla,3), loving every minute of sands on her little feet, at Kuta beach.

Again, Kayla, now with the sun and its flare on top of her head. :D

Wherever you live, try not to take sunsets for granted, pause for a moment before the sun sets, and absorb the divine blessing as the sun rays gleaming on you.

by ingimg

Pantai Mengiat or Mengiat Beach is located in Nusa Dua.  Hotels in Nusa Dua that do not have private beach usually provide shuttle bus / car to Mengiat Beach and run private cafe and beach facilities for their guests.

The beach can be accessed easily. The parking lot charges a small fee. There is also a free parking lot for the cafe there run by the local village. The cafe rents beach chairs, has showers, restrooms, and has a pretty good F&B menu.

The beach is protected by an offshore reef, which prevents waves from breaking on the beach, thus keep the water calm and easily swimmable. Surfers ride boats out to the reef to surf.

Mengiat Beach




This was the end of  my December trip to Bali.  Bali, I’ll be back !

Mengiat Beach, Bali, Indonesia – December 2009, by v1olet

Kuta is  the tourist Mecca of Bali, popular mainly among the young and adventurous. It is the island’s number one party zone — clubs, cafe, restaurants open all day long and all night long.

Kuta beach is one of the most favorite beaches discovered by tourist.  The sunset in Kuta is most breathtaking.  The wave will invite to surfing, if you can :)  Kuta still remains one of Bali’s best surfing beaches and a great place to enjoy a beach lifestyle.  You could try body massage on the beach, Bali tatto (not permanent), colorful nail polish, and hair braid.

Flying Kites

Fishing Duo

Sparkling Kuta

Kuta Sunset

Kuta Blue Hour

Kuta, Bali, December 2009 by v1olet