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One night in Saigon, a good friend of mine brought us to this awesome local watering hole

called Acoustic Café, which located at 6E1 Ngo Thoi Nhiem St., Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city,

Acoustic Café is the place where local and international singers and bands  show what they talents.

The place quickly packed during the weekend when the time near to 9 pm,

it is a good thing we got the prime spot. The first band lead by Rex and Cathy.


He speak and sing English cover songs.


These dynamic duo performed simultaneously with all top 40’s songs.

After 45 minutes, Leote came to the stage with a very explosive performance.

Leote Taylor

She sing many of latest female covers like Pink, Kathy Perry, Britney Spears,

Jennifer Lopez and many more. She carries solid and strong vocal with energetic moves.

This guy came in between every performance and rapped for few minutes.

I will update his name when I’ve got it.

Here’s where he and Leote performed together.

The next one is a cool lady, Ngoc Thy.

She carried evergreen songs mostly from The Carpenters such as “Yesterday Once More.”

She is as good as you hear directly from The Carpenters.

Ngoc Thy

The last but not least,  this old man with a young heart, Chu Minh Ky.

Chu Minh Ky

He sing Rock covers like Bon Jovi’s but with a twist. He sing it in Vietnamese.

Chu Minh Ky

When he started singing, the whole Café came alive! All the young patrons sing in unison with him.

You can find some of his performances at Acoustic Café in YouTube.

Chu Minh Ky

Overall, it was an unforgettable night at Acoustic with all of them.

Looking forward to be there again!

by flyingbeagle