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Chinese New Year 2013 is around the corner. This year is the year of Snake.

Chinatown Singapore 2013

Chinatown Year of Snake 2013 Panorama (Click to view enlarged version)

Size: 308 x 108 cm.  Photographic Print. 2013

Below are 100% cropped view.

Chinatown Singapore 2013 01

Chinatown MRT entrance.

Chinatown Singapore 2013 02

Not everyone happy I guessed?

Chinatown Singapore 2013 03

AIBUDAO is the first-time collaboration between Ai Weiwei and Eric So, initiated by

MAD Museum of Art & Design.

Aibutao - Ai Wei Wei Eric So 01 Aibutao - Ai Wei Wei Eric So 02


For Scottish artist David Mach, the idea is to turn everyday objects into extraordinary pieces of art.

I like to use very ordinary materials, materials that are in everybody’s lives,” he said in an e-mail interview with AOL News.

They are not a specialist thing — I didn’t go to a specialist art shop and select some of their finest materials. I simply extracted it from life.”

Mach is especially fond of using coat hangers as a medium because they are, he admits, “such a nothing thing.”

“A coat hanger is not something you would give a second thought to, but then we take them and reinvent those things,” he said.

David Mach 1956 - Silver Streak Standing Gorilla 01

David Mach 1956 - Silver Streak Standing Gorilla 02

Yes, they are coat hangers, all 3,000 of them. David Mach took 3,000 hours to finish this installation.

David Mach 1956 - Silver Streak Standing Gorilla 03

David Mach – Silver Streak (1956)

Coat Hangers, 302 x 240 x 160 cm