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Light Speed Limit

When I was a child, I always dreaming that one day I can be an astronaut, or at least a pilot. To fly in borderless skies. To break speed of sound, or even light speed limit.

My dream crashed down like a meteor when I grew up and realised that perfect eyesight is one of the requirement for those.

Now, my heart as heavy as this clouds every time I remembered that memory.

I have to slow down my pace, and take a new direction. Photography.

Which I kinda enjoying this direction. Let see how high I can go from here.

Picture taken at NASA Hangar One at San Francisco Bay area, California. Check out my previous post for better look of the hangar.

Earlier this year, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named Hangar One to its 2008 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

NASA Ames is exploring potential partnerships to support this worthwhile endeavour.

The criteria for determining development and use already exist within the charter of the NASA Research Park (NRP).

The NRP assists NASA Ames in fulfilling its obligations under the National Historic Preservation Act with respect to Hangar One and all historic property that is part of the Shenandoah Plaza Historic District at Moffett Field.

This includes maintenance and preservation of historic buildings and assisting in revitalization and local economic development efforts through reuse of historic buildings.

NASA Ames looks forward to restore Hangar One to its former glory, make it a 21st century icon.

I hope NASA seriously rebuild this facility so I can visit again after they restored it.

More information about NASA Hangar One

By the way, speed limit 15? They must be kidding.

by flyingbeagle