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I believe you guys can’t see these in the previous post.

Below are actual size pictures from previous post

Grand Canyon Tourist 1

There are 35 people in these picture, I might be wrong (click the picture to count)

What amused me is, in the second picture of previous post, this lady were using her umbrella when the wind blew so strong.

Well, maybe she want to see how the bottom of Grand Canyon looks like.

Silly woman with umbrella at Grand Canyon Snowfall

Something lost, something gained.

I went to Grand Canyon in expectation to behold its famous panorama under clear weather…

Grand Canyon Pano 2

(Click to see enlarged version)

But alas! The blizzard is approaching on the east side of the horizon!

I only have 45 mins to shoot the scenery before returned to the bus.

My bus left at 3:00pm, and the blizzard hit at 3:30pm.

The silver lining is, this is the first time I experienced not only falling snow but pre-blizzard weather in California.

I am indeed blessed.

Grand Winter Canyon

(Click to see enlarged version)

by flyingbeagle

The picture taken as it is on cloudless sky.

Santa Monica Pier North Entrance

by flyingbeagle