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A Russian photographer, Victor Zaykovskiy have shared the sample images taken by Nikon D800 under high ISO mode.

This picture was taken at shutter speed: 1/8000, aperture: f/3.5, ISO: 25600

Following are 100% cropped images at 36 megapixels;

Sample taken at camera metal area, notice the engraved letters.

Sample taken at printed material.

Above photo is taken using Nikon D800 and very affordable nikkor lens 50mm f/1.8 (market price about 100 USD).

Low light condition has been a nightmare for most of digital cameras in the market. For those has taken photos without flash and tripod at night knew about this issue.

Personally, at ISO 25600, I am very pleased with D800 result. This means I can take a decent photo under very low light condition hand-held.

Looking forward to get a copy of D800 which estimated to be available in Singapore market in the month of April 2012.

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by flyingbeagle