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Well, it’s kinda last minute preparation…

I don’t even have a proper flag to fly on. This is the best I can give…

Happy National Day 2011, Singapore!

I may be a foreign talent here, but I considered this country home.

(Well, in case you wonder who is that weird guy, he is obviously not me. )

by flyingbeagle

by flyingbeagle

Here I am again, after a long hiatus. I have been procrastinating for the longest time, from posting daily till the day when not even a single soul visiting VanillaSeven anymore, thats includes me.

Procrastinate is addictive and dangerous. I am amazed when looking back at the posts I have made last year without missing a single day. Along with that I met so many wonderful bloggers and new friends along the way.

Where on earth did I found that passion and power to blog every single day? I want to have that drives again, even when this cat doesn’t seems to agree with me.

Oh well, it’s Sunday. I promise I will start anew tomorrow…

by flyingbeagle