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Lazy Sunday

Here I am again, after a long hiatus. I have been procrastinating for the longest time, from posting daily till the day when not even a single soul visiting VanillaSeven anymore, thats includes me.

Procrastinate is addictive and dangerous. I am amazed when looking back at the posts I have made last year without missing a single day. Along with that I met so many wonderful bloggers and new friends along the way.

Where on earth did I found that passion and power to blog every single day? I want to have that drives again, even when this cat doesn’t seems to agree with me.

Oh well, it’s Sunday. I promise I will start anew tomorrow…

by flyingbeagle

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  • lin says:

    Well, I’m still here! I certainly hope you are back again because I have missed you and your posts. And your photography. :)

    I don’t give up that easily on blog pallies!

  • ann says:

    Once I find a blog I like I return any time they feel the urge to post no matter how long it takes.
    And you actually started today since you are posting :) It’s good to see you back

  • vanillaseven says:

    lin, ann: Thank you so much for your persistent friendship :) Love you all!

  • Peachie says:

    I’ve been checking back on the blog and am glad to see a new post from you!! :)

  • Ratty says:

    Having the passion to blog every day lasts a good long time, but it fades for everybody. Some of us lucky ones keep a passion to blog at lest a few times a week. I hope you always feel that passion.

    And even though I was gone here for quite some time, I’m back now. My car accident and bump on the head knocked my memory of most things out for awhile. I still need a little help to remember many things that were so easy before.

  • lina says:

    I’m here too! Don’t worry – plenty of us waiting for you when you decided to pop out. ;p

  • vanillaseven says:

    Spy! Thanks for dropping by! Hope you doing well too. Let me know if you returned here.

    Ratty: Thank God that remembering me as your friend is still the part intact in your memories.
    And thank you for sharing your thoughts. Live without passion is meaningless.

    lina: You made my eyes watery lina. Thank you.

  • Secondary Roads says:

    And we will all start anew tomorrow. It is good to have you back my friend.

  • Icy BC says:

    Oh I can totally relate to how you feel, and that is because life happens. We just have to go along the flow of it..Glad you are back and visiting me though :-)

  • Tanya Walton says:

    I could take many a photo of my cats doing similar poses…it makes me wish to be re-incarnated as a cat…such a wonderful life!!

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